Through a Jungian Lens: Swamplands and Soul

swamplands book coverThe first book in the series called “Through a Jungian Lens” is called “Swamplands and Soul.”  The book’s photography features the swamplands of the Yucatan province in Mexico, in the area next to a small fishing village called Puerto Chuburná.  The text is oriented to Jungian psychology with a blend of both prose and poetry.  The final section of the book features the poem, “Dark Night of the Soul” which was written in the late 1500s by St. John of the Cross, a Spanish monk.

The book was written to reflect upon the issue of depression in midlife and to provide a sense of hope to those who find themselves in this situation.

To preview the book before ordering, click here.  You will be able to view the first fifteen pages of the book.  You will also be given the option of which format you would like to have when ordering the book; softcover, hard cover with dust jacket, or hard cover with image wrap.

Published by Robert G. Longpré

I am a Canadian born in our nation's capital, Ottawa. I have recently retired from a career as a teacher and school principal in Saskatchewan. With retirement came the opportunity to return to writing, photography and publishing. I hold a B.Ed., B.A., and P.G.D. from the University of Saskatchewan. My first published work appeared in Ottawa in 1968, followed by a series of editorials in various newspapers in Saskatchewan in the early 1970s. My first book, "Sakitawak: Bicentennial History of Ile-a-la-Crosse," was published in 1977. It took almost twenty years before I returned to professional writing with a chapter in a book called "Educational Technology and Educational Reform in Saskatchewan" (1994). Three years later another chapter was published in "Wired Together: The Online Classroom in K-12" (1997). With retirement, writing has become a full-time occupation. As a writer, I wanted to finally get control of the publishing aspect of the profession which resulted in my establishing Retired Eagle Books. So far, three books have been published with more coming in the future.

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