Through a Jungian Lens: Tunnel Vision

tunnel cover

The second book in the series, “Through a Jungian Lens,” is a photographic and poetic journey through the prairies of Saskatchewan, Canada.

The unique form of photography found in this book was the result of a “happy accident” or “synchronicity” as it is called in Jungian psychology.  While working on the first book of the series, I was busy taking off and adding lenses using adapter rings also known as bowers.  By placing the telephoto lens on top of the regular lens using a set of three different bowers, I found that at a certain point in the telephoto process, I was able to capture round images rather than the traditional rectangular images associated with photography.

To preview the book, click here. You will be able to enjoy the first fifteen pages of the book at that site.  While at that site, you will be able to order either softcover, hardcover with dust jacket or hardcover with image wrap.

Published by Robert G. Longpré

I am a Canadian born in our nation's capital, Ottawa. I have recently retired from a career as a teacher and school principal in Saskatchewan. With retirement came the opportunity to return to writing, photography and publishing. I hold a B.Ed., B.A., and P.G.D. from the University of Saskatchewan. My first published work appeared in Ottawa in 1968, followed by a series of editorials in various newspapers in Saskatchewan in the early 1970s. My first book, "Sakitawak: Bicentennial History of Ile-a-la-Crosse," was published in 1977. It took almost twenty years before I returned to professional writing with a chapter in a book called "Educational Technology and Educational Reform in Saskatchewan" (1994). Three years later another chapter was published in "Wired Together: The Online Classroom in K-12" (1997). With retirement, writing has become a full-time occupation. As a writer, I wanted to finally get control of the publishing aspect of the profession which resulted in my establishing Retired Eagle Books. So far, three books have been published with more coming in the future.

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  1. Dear Robert,
    Watch for your blogs and always enjoy them.
    Will your third book in the series be out before Christmas?
    Would like to order all three as a gift set.
    Thank you
    Patricia Grills
    Have gained an insight into symbolism of white buffalo
    thanks to Jamie Sams’ Sacred Path cards page 155
    “Many Sun Dogs will be seen around the Time of the White Buffalo,which will be the Sky Language sign that the Secret and Sacred Teachings are to be shared with all races.

    1. That is the plan. I will likely have the third one available by December 6th, little Christmas if all goes according to plan. I will post it both here and on the main blog site when it is available.

  2. I had no idea you published two books! Congratulations! I’ve been wanting to email you to talk to you personally but I think I will purchase your books first and then ask questions. Again, thank you for sharing your life and ideas with the internet. I am so happy to have found you.

    1. The third book in this series should be published within the next two weeks. I will be beginning the fourth book in about a month from now. I hope that you enjoy them and find them somewhat useful in your own journey.

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